Friday, August 15, 2008

My Dream

A few times a year I speak at conferences to groups of Sunday school teachers. It is always a wonderful experience, invigorating, and enlightening. I find that regardless of the topic, we always gravitate to great ideas that are working in our classes, and of course struggles that we deal with week after week. So, here is my dream. I want to have this dialogue regularly. We are all on the same team after all- we all have the same goals. dream is to do away with the competition that churches seem to be trapped in, and start working together. I'd like us all to come to one spot- it doesn't matter where, blogging or at a huge conference, or in Hawaii on a beach (that would be fun!) but let's start talking about what works.
I guess that was an additional reason why we decided to give our curriculum away for free (go get it at!) I do not believe that there is any one right curriculum, although you've already heard my issues with the big publishing companies, but I do think that between all of us, we could get some outstanding ideas on how to teach Biblical principals. So, send me your ideas- modify our curriculum- instead of teaching the trinity with year braiding the three colors together, teach it using a candle! Tell me what works in your classroom and I'll put it up- I don't want anything, but a great dialogue of great ideas. My husband believes that those should be on a blog of their own- I'm going to think about that for a couple of days- maybe that is next week's project.

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